FYROM with institutional vacuum

FYROM with institutional vacuum

It’s been three months now that the country has no government, no speaker of parliament and as of yesterday, the country doesn’t even have a president, because Ivanov has traveled for an official visit to Baku, Azerbaijan, where he’s participating in an international conference.

According to constitutional experts, this institutional vacuum is dangerous, as the state has remained without leaders. According to the Constitution, in situations of crisis, if the president is abroad, his duties are performed by the speaker of parliament, who has not yet been elected after the 11 December elections, due to the political gridlock for the creation of the government. The Prime Minister of the country, Emil Dimitriev has also travelled to Sarajevo today to participate in a conference.

Professor of security affairs, Vladimir Pivovarov says that this situation is dangerous situation for the country.

According to him, while the country is facing a long-term crisis and at a time when there’s tension, the president, which is one of the only legitimate institutions, is abroad.

The leader of the social democrats, Zoran Zaev, called on Ivanov to give him the mandate for the formation of the government, because a great institutional vacuum has been created, due to the fact that the current prime minister, Emil Dimitriev is an interim PM, while the country still doesn’t have a parliamentary speaker.

The new parliament which came out of the 11 December elections was constituted on 30 December, but the speaker of Parliament was not elected. Meanwhile, the current PM, Emil Dimitriev’s mandate has ended since the end of the elections. /balkaneu.com/