FYROM relaxes measures for foreign emigrants

FYROM relaxes measures for foreign emigrants

Skopje, 17 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Authorities in Skopje are speeding up procedures for the approval of the law which concerns asylum seekers and foreign emigrants. The government has adopted the legal changes, while tomorrow, parliament will convene in session to pass the new measures which will legalize the free movement of African and Asian emigrants in the territory of the country.

“The current situation and circumstances demand urgent action and obliged us to convene this session where we will approve the proposed legal changes”, declared the cabinet of the speaker of parliament today.

With the new measures, illegal emigrants can stay in the territory of FYROM for up to 72 hours and after this deadline, they must leave the country. Another possibility is for emigrants to seek asylum and accommodation.

These measures will increase the number of foreign emigrants to FYROM, using it as a transit point. The changes also enable free movement of the emigrants.

Last night, a train which arrived in Kumanovo from the south of the country.

With the former law, emigrants were not allowed to use public transport, be accommodated and other facilities, as they were all caught and deported to Greece or were accommodated in the Asylum Seekers’ Center in Skopje.  /ibna/