FYROM: Proposals on the new name

FYROM: Proposals on the new name

The government in Skopje is analyzing the package of proposals on the country’s name that the UN intermediary Mathew Nimetz has unveiled in the last meeting that the negotiating sides held in New York.

“We’re working and analyzing Nimetz’s proposals. We will be engaged for a process where all political parties in the country are involved in order to build a joint strategy”, the government’s press office said.

But, political circles and the media are unveiling five proposals which are said to be part of Nimetz’s package: Republic of Upper Macedonia, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia (Skopje), Republic of New Macedonia and Republic of Vardar’s Macedonia.

According to professor Lazar Lazarov, out of the five proposals which are currently circulating, the best suited one is Republic of Macedonia (Skopje).

“New Macedonia is the worst name that can be chosen and it must not be accepted, because this would mean that we have no roots and lose our cultural and historical heritage. If they don’t like Republic of Macedonia (Skopje), then let it be Independence Macedonia or Republic of Free Macedonia”, Lazarov said.

But, many other Macedonian intellectuals say that the Republic of Macedonia (Skopje) is the most acceptable proposal.

University professor, Vebi Bexheti, for Albanians as the second largest community in the country, the name Republic of Upper Macedonia would be the best suited proposals.

“For us, Albanians, the best name would be Upper Macedonia. New Macedonia is associated with a newly formed country, without roots from ancient times”, professor Bexheti says.

Meanwhile, these proposals will also be on the table of talks between prime ministers Zaev and Tsipras in Davos, while the UN’s ambassador, Mathew Nimetz is expected to visit Skopje in the next ten days. /balkaneu.com/