FYROM is a partner in the fight against terrorism, says US official

FYROM is a partner in the fight against terrorism, says US official

Skopje, October 20, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The high US adviser for the Engagement of Partners against Foreign Fighters in Syria, ambassador Robert Bradtke is staying in Skopje today.

After a meeting with the minister of Justice, Adnan Jashari and other government representatives, ambassador Bradtke said that FYROM is an excellent partner of the USA in the fight against terrorism and working to crack down on foreign fighters who are fighting alongside terrorist groups in Syria.

“We praise cooperation with this country and we’re working intensively as a UN partner. We’re worried about fighters in Syria and Iraq who come from 80% of the world and fighting alongside terrorist organizations such as ISIL and Al Nusra. We’re worried that these individuals may pose a threat in their country and we’re sharing these concerns with your government”, said Bradtke.

Minister Jashari said that in this meeting, he briefed the American official about the changes in the criminal code which prohibit the citizens of FYROM to fight in foreign conflicts, mainly in Syria and Iraq. “We informed the US ambassador for the measures taken in sanctioning and preventing our nationals to participate in foreign conflicts, above all in the Middle East”, said the minister of Justice, Adnan Jashari.

The US ambassador has praised the legal changes, but he said that it’s important to apply this legal measure in practice. /ibna/