FYROM marks its liberation day

FYROM marks its liberation day

Skopje, 2 August 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Today, FYR Macedonia marks the 113th anniversary of the Uprising of Ilinden and the 71st anniversary of the First Meeting of the Anti-Fascist Committee for the Liberation of the Country after World War II.

President George Ivanov will participate in the celebrations on the occasion of this day in the Memorial Center of Pelince, in Kumanovo, while PM Emil Dimitriev will lead the delegation in the celebrations which will take place in Keckin Kamen in Krusevo, where 113 years ago, the Uprising of Ilinden against Turkish invaders broke out.

According to historians, on 2 August 1903, around 800 insurgents liberated the town and two days later, the insurgents led by Nikola Karevi, announced the so called Republic of Krusevo. But this republic lasted only ten days, as 18 thousand ottoman soldiers crushed the uprising and took over the town again.

41 years later, in the Sveti Prohor Pcinski monastery near Kumanovo, 115 delegates held the first meeting of the Anti-Fascist Committee for the Liberation of the Country, which confirmed the social-legal position of FYROM as an equal federal state as part of the Yugoslav Federation. /balkaneu.com/