FYROM: Majority in search of votes for the Prespa agreement

FYROM: Majority in search of votes for the Prespa agreement

After Sunday’s referendum which was held to decide about the Prespa agreement, it’s now Parliament’s turn to decide on whether it will vote in favour of the necessary constitutional amendments. The governing coalition which consists of SDSM, BDI and other political parties, has a total of 71 votes, while the ratification of these amendments requires 80 votes.

PM Zoran Zaev said that efforts will be made to start talks with the opposition and if these talks will lead to nothing, then the country will head to elections.

“If the talks fail, then there’s no other solution but fresh elections”, Zaev said.

The majority of VMRO-DPMNE MPs have declared that they will not vote the agreement. The leader of this party, Hristijan Mickoski said that his party is prepared for early elections.

However, PM Zaev’s coalition partners say that now is no time for early parliamentary elections and that all the necessary mechanisms should be exploited in order for this process to be successful in parliament.

“Our country has more important issues than early elections. We have the Euro-Atlantic agenda and we should focus on this agenda”, said the leader of BDI, Ali Ahmeti.

With the referendum out of the way, in the ten days to come, parliament will try to vote the constitutional amendments needed to make the Prespa agreement valid. In case the necessary votes are not secured, PM Zoran Zaev has declared that the country will head to the polls. /ibna/