FYROM heading toward chaos and institutional gridlock

FYROM heading toward chaos and institutional gridlock

Political situation in FYROM is heading toward chaos. This is declared by the head of “Plusinfo” Skopje based news network, Branko Gerovski. According to him, the political situation cannot be considered as a political and institutional crisis, but as uncontrolled chaos of the social and political life.

“We’re not expecting any spectacular changes of the situation, at least until after Easter, because minority in parliament is not ready to allow parliament’s constitution session to proceed normally”, Branko Gerovski told IBNA.

“I believe that SDSM and majority coalition partners, will use all possible means to achieve their objectives, to elect the speaker of Parliament and form the government”, prominent journalist Branko Gerovski says.

SDSM also says that VMRO-DPMNE is blocking democratic processes to take place.

“The blocking of the election of the speaker of Parliament aims at protecting those who have abused with power. We are now fighting a battle to save Macedonia from these people who have abused with it”, SDSM lawmaker, Radmila Sekerinska says.

On the other hand, VMRO-DPMNE MPs continue to focus the debate on protecting the country from the so called “Tirana Platform”, signed by Albanian political parties.

“In order for the state not to slip into chaos and in order for us not to have problems, there is one solution: reveal the deal reached in Tirana. Citizens must be informed. We demand fresh elections for this platform to be voted by the citizens”, VMRO-DPMNE lawmaker, Ilia Dimovski said.

University professor, Mersel Bilalli says that this situation can be unblocked through an international intervention by the international community.

“This is a scenario masterminded by those structures who want to remain in power or be granted amnesty for the abuses that they have committed during the 10 year period that they’ve been in power. I expect a lot of pressure by the international community”, Bilalli says. /balkaneu.com/