FYROM is not exploiting its natural resources for energy production

FYROM is not exploiting its natural resources for energy production

Skopje, 3 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

FYR Macedonia is not exploiting its natural resources for the production of electricity, although it has great potentials to do this. Based on a project concerning the energy plan for the country, more should be done to exploit the potential for the production of power supply.

Dimitar Malinovski, head of the EU delegation for maximum energy efficiency says that FYROM is not ready to compete in the regional energy market. According to him, the infrastructure used for the production and transmission of power supply is quite old. Among other things, the government is also recommended to establish a regulatory authority which will enable a partnership between the public and private sector in exploiting natural resources for the production of energy.

“Macedonia is following European recommendations to increase power production until 2020 by exploiting renewable energy sources”, Malinovski said.

Aleksandar Dukovski, head of the Energy Agency stressed the need for the liberalization of the energy market.

“According to the latest data, 46% of the energy that Macedonia uses is secured through the liberalized market. We’re far from the countries of the region. In July, around 150 companies entered the liberalized market”, Dukovski said.

The head of the European Energy Community Secretariat, Janez Kopac, expectations for FYROM are expected to remain the same, in the absence of progress in the reporting period.

“The country must urgently approve the new legislation to secure the necessary transposition of the requirements of the Third Energy Package and repair the flaws of the Energy Community law. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia must efficiently apply the market’s rules, especially regarding power distribution and the pricing for auxiliary services and the market balancing”, Kopac said.

In the past decade, FYROM has spent on average 150 million euros a year for the import of power supply. /balkaneu.com/