Is FYROM in danger of potential terrorist attacks?

Is FYROM in danger of potential terrorist attacks?

Skopje, 2 August 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Is FYR Macedonia in danger of potential terrorist attacks? Debates are taking place in Skopje in relation to this, following the declarations issued by the president of the country, George Ivanov and Interior Minister, Mitko Cavkov that the country may be a target of a terrorist attack and for this, authorities have raised the level of security. Security measures have been boosted in border areas, following warnings for a second wave of refugees from the southern border with Greece.

“Coordinated measures have been taken alongside preventive actiion, in order to prevent and eliminate eventual threats from terrorist activities”, said Natalija Spirova Kordic from the Ministry of Interior.

According to her, regular contacts are being maintained with police forces in the region, in order to boost security measures and controls on a regional level.

Experts of security issues say that there are no indications that the country may be a target of an attack.

“What is happening in Western Europe is not very likely to happen in Macedonia. Our country is not of a special interest for terrorist groups. But even if such thing happens, this will be an attack from inside, by those people who have fought in Middle East and for ISIS. They fight based on their ideology and based on this, they can do something, but not to the extent that is taking place in Western Europe”, says Blagoja Markovski from the Balkan Security Forum.

According to information from the Ministry of Interior, around 86 fighters who have fought alongside ISIS in Syria and Iraq have returned to the country A part of them have been arrested as part of the operation name coded “Cell”, while many others are at large. /