FYROM: Campaign for the referendum is coming to an end

FYROM: Campaign for the referendum is coming to an end

The campaign for the referendum on the issue of the name has entered its final stage. There’s only four days remaining now until the country observes 48 hours of electoral silence.

In the rallies held during the weekend, PM Zoran Zaev called on citizens to vote in favour of the referendum, by considering it as a historical opportunity.

“Nobody will try and contest our identity any more. Nobody will refer to our country as FYROM. We’re Macedonians and we speak the Macedonian language”, PM Zoran Zaev said.

Leader of BDI, Ali Ahmeti said that on September 30, people should embrace the future of the country.

“The agreement on the name offers stability, security, good relations between ethnic groups. Therefore, on September 30 it should be supported”, Ahmeti said.

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski declared yesterday that his party does not plan on boycotting the referendum, because, according to him, people should decide on their own.

“According to the law, over 900 thousand voters should turn out in the polls and half of them should vote in favour of the agreement in order for the referendum to be successful. If the turnout is smaller, then the agreement will not pass”, Mickoski said, adding that the ruling party is putting pressure on voters in order to force them to turn out in the polls./ibna/