FYROM: Academics are in favour of the “yes” vote in the referendum

FYROM: Academics are in favour of the “yes” vote in the referendum

The majority of members of the Academy of Science and Arts in FYROM have issued signals in favour of the referendum on the name. Its chairman, Taki Fiti said in a meeting in Ohrid that the deal reached in Prespa between Skopje and Athens, opens up many positive opportunities for the country.

“Let us hope that the vote will be a positive one. I know that voters cannot be happy with all the solutions that this deal offers, because at the end of the day, the constitutional name has changed, but the country’s identity has strengthened, while the reference only relates to the geographical definition. We need to move forward and become part of NATO and EU”, said the head of the academy, Taki Fiti.

According to the former chairman of the academy, Vlado Kambovski, everyone is entitled to express whether he’s in favour or against in this matter, but nobody can encourage citizens not to participate in the referendum.

“Nobody should call on people not to vote in the referendum, because this is considered to be a criminal act”, Kambovski said.

A part of the academics have called for people to participate in the referendum, while others have called for them to boycott it. /ibna/