FYROM will have 6 athletes in the Rio Olympics

FYROM will have 6 athletes in the Rio Olympics

Skopje, 25 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

FYR Macedonia will have 6 athletes who will travel to Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic Games which start on 5 August. The participating athletes are Drita Islami and Riste Pandev in athletics, Nastasia Bogdanovska and Marko Blazevski in swimming, Katerina Nikolovska in judo and Nina Balakaban in throwing.

The head of the FYROM’s Olympic delegation, Vladimir Bogojevski said that all sportsmen who will participate in the Olympics are completing their exercises and a special coach has been handling each one of them.

According to him, good results are expected from all sportsmen, especially from swimmers Nastasia Bogdanovska and Marko Blazevski, who are training in the Americas. But there are also good expectations from Drita Islami. According to her coach, Aleksandra Vojnevaksa, she will break a record in the Olympic Games in Rio. /balkaneu.com/