Funding of political parties in Kosovo is “hermetic”

Funding of political parties in Kosovo is “hermetic”

Pristina, June 2, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Group for Legal and Political Studies and Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (GJSP) says that the funding of political parties in Kosovo is “hermetically” closed, thus having a total lack of transparency.

These organizations have prepared a report called “Standards for the funding of parties: Tackling secret funding of political parties in Kosovo”.

Head of GJSP, Fisnik Korenica says that the lack of transparency over funding received by political parties is a source for corruption.

Korenica suggests that the state prosecution must investigate this cloud of political parties’ funding.

“Funding of political parties in Kosovo is an entirely closed process. As a result of this, Kosovo suffers a non democratic situation accompanied with many problems, because the financial system doesn’t fulfill international standards and there’s room for abuse, especially for those parties that come into power”, says Korenica.

He identifies the fact that expenses for the election campaign are not part of the 900 thousand Euros allocated by CEC for the 10 days of the official electoral campaign.

According to GJSP report, the parties which have held the majority of activities during this campaign are: Democratic Party of Kosovo, Democratic League of Kosovo and Alliance for the Future of Kosovo.

GJSP has addressed a request to political parties to make the expenses made during this electoral campaign public. No party has responded to this request. /ibna/