Who will fund the Road of Arber?

Who will fund the Road of Arber?

Tirana, 16 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

For the construction of the Road of Arber, another important road segment from the east to west of Albania, the government is looking into two possibilities, that of funding it from the state budget and the possibility of a partnership between the public and private sector.

Minister of Finance of Albania, Arben Ahmetaj says that it would be more likely for this project to be funded by the business and private sector.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transport says that it has everything ready to start the construction of the Road of Arber and that now, they are only waiting for the funds.

Although there’s no final decision yet concerning the funding, the deadline for the start of construction works has been decided. Prime Minister Rama and minister Ahmetaj says that the road that links Tirana to Diber will start before the elections of next year. /balkaneu.com/