Functioning of Serb parallel structures in Kosovo continues

Functioning of Serb parallel structures in Kosovo continues

Pristina, 8 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Serb parallel structures which are supported by Belgrade continue to function in the north of Kosovo.

Currently, these structures are being supported and funded by Serbia.

Minister for Dialogue in Kosovo’s government, Edita Tahiri says that efforts are being made to remove these structures.

“We have dismantled illegal parallel structures in Kosovo and we’re applying an amnesty for these people who have worked in these structures. We are now exerting our authority and we are trying to integrate these people”, she says.

Meanwhile, opposition representatives in the parliament of Kosovo claim that parties in power, PDK-LDK and Serb List are pushing Kosovo’s division in both north and south.

Rexhep Selimi, Self Determination MP and member of the Parliamentary Committee for Home Affairs, Security and Monitoring of Kosovo Security Forces, says that “Republic of Kosovo doesn’t exist” as a result of the functioning of parallel structures.

The presence of parallel structures is not even denied by Kosovo Police. But, according to them, these structures do not have the same administrative power that they used to have years ago.

Police deputy Commissioner in the north of Kosovo, Besim Hoti says that from the administrative aspect, they are inexistent in the north, in spite of their presence. /