A full manual on Albanian birds comes out for the first time

A full manual on Albanian birds comes out for the first time

Tirana, 11 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

Association for the Preservation and Protection of the Natural Environment (PPNEA) publishes the “Guideline of Albanian Birds”. This is the first full manual of Albanian birds ever to be published, which depicts 351 types of birds identified in our country.

Mirjan Topi, co-author of the manual, says that the manual is of an extraordinary importance, as it aims at expanding knowledge and triggering curiosity for the study and observation of birds and their preservation.

“This book aims at observing birds as a tourist activity, which is now practiced massively throughout the world and which generates billions of dollars every year. The observation of birds can be made by every age category and is accepted as an activity which significantly increases the quality of life”, Topi says.

In this framework, authors Mirjan Topi and Dr. Stojan Nikolov have described for the user in a very simple way, the key elements of discerning every type such as: body features, feathers and living habits.

The users of this manual will particularly appreciate the color illustrations of the morphology of the birds, which have been masterfully prepared for this publication and represent a loyal reproduction of the images of birds. /balkaneu.com/