FT: Alexis Tsipras casts himself as Greece’s prime minister in waiting

FT: Alexis Tsipras casts himself as Greece’s prime minister in waiting


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

Statements of Alexis Tsipras are published in the Financial Times in an article in which they speak of the turn, as they call it, by the president of SYRIZA to the European stage and his attempt to appear as a “Prime Minister in waiting”.

As stated in the newspaper, although Tsipras has on many occasion criticized the economic policy of the euro zone, “unlike many populist politicians who have come up in Europe after the outbreak of the crisis, he claims to be pro-European and wants Greece to stay in the euro’.

“He proclaims that his goal is to transform the European Union, rather than dissolve it, and is trying to sell this message abroad”, the newspaper states.

“We need a European new deal if we are to overcome the crisis”, says Tsipras to FT. The crisis is not only Greece’s, Ireland’s or Portugal’s. It is a structural crisis of the European Union”, he adds.

The newspaper notes that the success of SYRIZA in the European elections and the lead in the latest polls led Tsipras to change his image and display himself as “a Prime Minister in waiting”.

Furthermore, they note his appearance on the forum of the “Ambrosetti” foundation, in Como Italy, and his effort to improve, as they say, his English “which once avoided the use in public”.

“We want to stop the austerity and try to negotiate at a European level an alliance with countries in the region”, says Alexis Tsipras. “I think it is necessary to break this framework of merkelism and german hegemony”, he adds.

The Finacial Times record SYRIZA suggestions on how to get Greece out of the crisis and are referred with a rather ironic way in the proposal of the party on debt remission.

“Tsipras’ economic team is comprised by academics trained in the USA and the UK, have come up with a brilliant solution: In a sign of European solidarity, eurozone countries should provide debt relief to Greece”, the newspaper writes.

“Judging from the harsh response of policymakers in the Ambrosetti forum, Greece will not find it easy to persuade its partners in the eurozone to be so generous. Many governments still criticize the failure of Athens to fight the tax evasion of the rich and the obstructionism in the structural reforms”, said the article.

“Whatever the result of the shift in the European scene, Tsipras has not forgotten his base of supporters”, appreciate the Financial Times and conclude with a reference to Tsipras’ announcements in TIF.

“One week after Ambrosetti, he returned to Greece, to the annual trade fair in Thessaloniki, giving his supporters promises to restore the minimum wage in the non-competitive pre-crisis levels, subsidize rents and provide catering vouchers to families with low incomes.

“We will heal the wounds and grievances (of the Memorandum of years) …and all those who were fired illegally will get their jobs back!”, Tsipras said, sounding more like his old self”, concludes the article .