Another fruitless effort for the establishment of the National Broadcasting Council

Another fruitless effort for the establishment of the National Broadcasting Council

Once again the effort for the approval for the establishment of the National Broadcasting Council (NBC), during the Conference of the Presidents of Parliament, proved to be fruitless, as the necessary 4/5 majority was not met. The result was 12 “yes”votes, 4 “no” and 7 “present”.

The ”Yes” votes came from government officials, “no” votes from ND and Golden Dawn and MPs from the Communist Party, DISY, The River, and the Central Union voted ”present”. Vangelis Meimarakis was absent, and his absence was recorded in the minutes.

Before the voting took place a request for postponement of the meeting by the opposition was filed, but was rejected.

Failure to set up the National Broadcasting Council, has caused friction between the Government and the opposition concerning the law and the auction of broadcasting licenses

What is foreseen by the Constitution

It is noted that the Constitution foresees the election of the NBC through the Conference of Presidents in the Greek Parliament, with an increased majority of 4/5, so that this Independent Authority be established on a broad consensual basis.

Given this fact, the government blames ND for a deeply unconstitutional stance because it exploits this particular constitutional requirement, in order to block the formation of the NBD, ie, a process which is a constitutional obligation of the Parliament.

The Conference of the Presidents of the Parliament is a partisan collegiate body consisting of the President and the vice Presidents of Parliament, acting vice-presidents of Parliament, as long as they have been elected MPs, presidents of Standing Committees, the Commission of Institutions  and Transparency president, the Chairpersons of Parliamentary Groups and a representative of independent MPs (if they are at least five).

The Regulation however stipulates that the presidents of the Parliamentary Groups may be replaced in the conference. It has the power to choose, by consensus or by a majority of 4/5 of its members, the members of the independent authorities provided by the Constitution, and also carries out their parliamentary oversight./IBNA