Front pages of the Turkish newspapers

Front pages of the Turkish newspapers



The decision of the ballot box

“Turkey has made its choice. Voter turnout was high. The AKP won 49 municipalities, the CHP in 14, the MHP in 8 and the BDP in 10 municipalities”.


Vote of confidence to Erdogan. Slap from voters to the dirty alliance.


“Tough battle in the big cities. The AKP increased its votes by 4 percentile points compared to the 2009 local elections, but registered a drop by 7 points compared to the 2011 elections”.


“The people buried the coup in the ballot box. Erdogan made ​​history with his 8th win in elections”.


“Power failure in 40 cities… The AKP winner of the elections. At first the AKP had low rates, afterwards there was a power outage and suddenly the rates of the ruling party began to increase”.