In a friendly atmosphere the meeting Kotzias-Lavrov

In a friendly atmosphere the meeting Kotzias-Lavrov

Athens, February 13, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The meeting of the foreign ministers of Greece and Russia, on Wednesday in Moscow, could not have taken place at a worse time, as the Greek government was negotiating in Brussels a better agreement with the lenders, and the Russian, in Minsk, the discharge of tension in the east Ukraine amid new sanctions threats.

Although Nikos Kotzias and Sergei Lavrov did everything they could to overtake, publicly at least, the enormous pressures on the two countries on different fronts, it was recognised that the scope for substantial improvement of Greek-Russian relations are large, but in the near future attempts will be made to achieve the feasible and not desirable level of relations.

In this light, Nikos Kotzias, according to reliable diplomatic sources, did not bring forward to Sergei Lavrov a financial aid issue for Greece. The diplomatic courtesy, however, and apparent benevolent mood, led Mr. Lavrov to the statement that during his meeting with Kotzias expressed his appreciation for the position of the Greek government on the issue of sanctions, and added that there was a discussion on the economic situation in Greece and that, if a financial aid request from Athens is made, the Russian government will considered it. Such a request, however, did not come from Athens, while to the question of sanctions, Kotzias kept his distances, since even thought he reiterated his central political position against sanctions, he gave no indication that he will diversify, at a time when Athens is giving a tough negotiation for its own problems with Brussels. Fully realizing the adverse correlation, Nikos Kotzias moved in a way that would appeared positive towards Russia and allied against the Western Allies.

The Foreign Minister said that in the past many promises have been given from Athens regarding a cooperation with Russia, without being realized, which is why the new Greek government starts tomorrow, after being informed by the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the implementation of those agreed.

Prefixing steadily now, the geopolitical position of Greece and the element of stability that characterises it, Kotzias also expressed the great concern of the Greek side to the destabilisation triangle surrounding Greece, starting from Ukraine and ending in Libya and the Middle East, and advocated in favour of a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis.