Fresh tension in the relations between Kosovo and Serbia

Fresh tension in the relations between Kosovo and Serbia

Relations between Kosovo and Serbia continue to be tense. Today, institutions in Kosovo have once again rejected the request made by the head of the Office for Kosovo in the government of Serbia, Marko Djuric and the general secretary of the Serbian president, Nikola Selakovic to visit the country.

The two Serb officials were planning on participating in a debate with citizens in the north of Kosovo about the internal dialogue that the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic has launched. But, authorities of Kosovo have said that the two officials have been stopped due to the declarations that cause tension.

Kosovo police issued a statement saying that extra police units have been sent in the north of Mitrovica in order to execute the decision of the Foreign Ministry.

Jetlir Zyberaj, advisor to the Foreign minister, Behgjet Pacolli, said that Serb officials will be arrested if they attempt to enter Kosovo.

The Serb president, Aleksandar Vucic has summoned an urgent meeting of the National Security Committee.

It is not known if this meeting has to do with today’s developments in Northern Mitrovica. /