No fresh talks planned in Brussels between Pristina and Belgrade, the positioning of the sides

No fresh talks planned in Brussels between Pristina and Belgrade, the positioning of the sides

The numerous meetings which in the most part end up without any deals, seem to have exhausted the European Union, which has claimed that it doesn’t plan on calling fresh talks between Pristina and Belgrade.

Pristina, December 14, 2013 / Balkan Independent News Agency

EU: There will be no fresh meetings between Thaci and Dacic in Ashton’s agenda

High Representative of European Union for Foreign Policy and Security, Catherine Ashton doesn’t plan on calling the prime ministers of Kosovo and Serbia to Brussels for a fresh round of talks. The spokeswoman of the high EU representative, Maja Kocijancic has confirmed that there isn’t a scheduled 21st meeting between the prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, prime minister of Serbia, Ivica Dacic and Baroness Catherine Ashton.

The meeting of the great hope

European Union had high expectations from the Friday’s December 13th talks between Thaci and Dacic in Brussels. These were the second talks after the local government elections, which marked the first participation of Serbs in the communes where they are in majority.

Prior to the meeting, sides had admitted that this meeting was very important, as it would have an impact on the decision of the European Council for the launch of negotiations between Serbia and European Union.

The justice system was the main topic of the meeting brokered by the head of EU Foreign Policy, Catherine Ashton.

Prime Minister Thaci

Before yesterday’s meeting, the prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci said for the media that the issue of the justice system would be finalized.

“Serbia must not delay and prevent the implementation of April 19 Agreement. We will have a unique police, customs and justice system according to the standards and laws of Kosovo”, said Thaci ahead of the meeting with his Serb counterpart, Ivica Dacic.

As far as the Association of Serb Communes is concerned, Mr. Thaci said that it would only play the role of a non government organization.

Following yesterday’s meeting, prime minister Thaci said that no deal which would finalize the issues of the judicial institutions in the north of Kosovo was struck. Thaci said that they will function solely in compliance with the Constitution and laws of Kosovo.

“We had a constructive meeting. We agreed that there must be a unique system of justice, but there was no deal struck. Now it’s up to technical teams to continue their work”, declared Thaci. He added: “Kosovo is taking all necessary actions for the implementation of the April agreement for the normalization of relations with Serbia. Serbia must not delay or prevent the implementation of the agreement”.

Prime minister Dacic

Meanwhile, Serb prime minister, Ivica Dacic said that there won’t be a fresh meeting in the coming days with Thaci. He said that he was sorry that “Pristina has not acted in line with the positioning of the work groups”.

He accused Pristina of manifesting a “political maneuver” through Friday’s positioning. The Serb prime minister said that the Kosovar side “has demanded for the Court of First Instance in Mitrovitza to cover 7 communes, while Belgrade’s positioning is that if there is to be one court, then it must have two buildings, one in the south and the other one in the north of Mitrovitza”.

“There must be a practical solution in line with the reality on field and which must be applicable and based on the particularities of the four communes in the north”, suggested Mr. Dacic.

“Other proposals that come from Pristina suggest that the north of Kosovo must be included in an Albanian dominated space, where Albanians would constitute 60-70% of the population. This to us is just unacceptable”, said Dacic.

EU expects sides not to lose their contacts

Spokeswoman of the high European representative, Maja Kocijancic says that Brussels expects “all sides to maintain contacts”.

“If parties talk to each other and contrary to the last meeting, they come to an agreement, then these changes will be included in the report of the European head of diplomacy, which will be presented to the Council of Ministers in the next meeting”, said Mrs. Kocijancic.

On the other hand, work continues with the unresolved issues in the justice system. Discussions continue on a level of experts to find the necessary modalities that are accepted by the sides.

Integration of Serbs in the police system was accepted

In the December 5 meeting, Pristina was willing to accept unlawful structures that have operated in the north of the country into the Police of Kosovo.

The decisive report

The head of EU Foreign Policy, Catherine Ashton will report next week before EU member countries over the progress in the talks between Pristina and Belgrade. The evaluations of this report will decide as to whether Serbia will be given a date for the launch of negotiations with the EU within December or not.

Normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo will remain a requisite for Serbia during the entire process of negotiations. /ibna/