Fresh opinion polls show New Democracy comfortably leading SYRIZA

Fresh opinion polls show New Democracy comfortably leading SYRIZA

Two more opinion polls published over the weekend showed Greece’s main opposition party well on course to score a landslide general election victory over ruling SYRIZA on 7 July.

Following the publication of surveys by Pulse and Alco polls which put conservative New Democracy in an 8 to 9.2 point lead over Alexis Tsipras’s left-wing SYRIZA party, opinion polls by Metron Analysis and ProRata showed the main opposition party moving even closer to the formation of a standalone government.

Specifically, the Metron Analysis poll published in To Vima newspaper on Sunday found that New Democracy is currently leading ruling SYRIZA by 9 points, with the former on 38.5% and the latter on 29.5%, when deducting for valid votes.

In third place, according to the survey, the Movement for Change gets 8%, followed by the Communist party on 5.2% and Golden Dawn on 3.5%. The Greek Solution party comes in at 2.8%, with the Union of Centrists party on 2.5% and Yanis Varoufakis’s DiEM25 party also on 2.5%.

Based on these findings, New Democracy could command a majority ranging from 155 to 164 MPs, with SYRIZA electing 82 – 87 MPs, followed by Movement for Change with 22-24 MPs, the Communist party with 14-16 MPs and Golden Dawn’s 10 – 11 MPs. Should any of the three parties close to the 3% threshold win election to parliament, they would get up to 8 seats in the House.

Moreover, 82% of respondents expect New Democracy to win by a small or large margin, with just 7% believing SYRIZA could remain in power by any margin, small or large. A total of 67% said the early election was “a positive development for the country”, with 23% seeing it as “negative”. Notably, 51% of those surveyed said they would like a coalition government to emerge, with 44% wanting a standalone government to be formed.

Meanwhile, the ProRata poll for news portal showed New Democracy on 35%, with SYRIZA on 24%. The survey published on Saturday points to a six-party House, which would also afford Kyriacos Mitsotakis the opportunity to form a standalone government.

The poll puts Movement for Change on 6.5%, followed by the Communist party on 4.5%, Golden Dawn on 3.5% and DiEM25 on 3%.

This survey also found that 39% of respondents would feel “hopeful” if New Democracy won the election, with 21% stating they are ”indifferent” to the result and 19% saying the main opposition party’s victory would be “disappointing”./ibna