French prosecution says that the train terrorist suspect has been in Albania

French prosecution says that the train terrorist suspect has been in Albania

Tirana, 26 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

New details have come to light from the attack that a young man carried out in the Amsterdam-Paris line two days ago. The suspect for the attack on the train, according to prosecutors in France, had terrorist purposes and he appears to have visited Albania in June 2014.

The prosecutor of the case, François Molins has rejected the claims of the young man from Morocco, Ayoub el Khazzani that his intention was to commit theft on the train and that he hadn’t planned a terrorist attack.

According to the prosecutor, the 25 year old Khazzani traveled from Berlin to Istanbul on May 10, but he had also traveled from Antalya to Albania on June 4, without specifying how many days he had stayed in Albania and what was the scope of his visit in this country.

“Ayoub el Khazzani had purchased a first class ticket which costs 150 euros, refusing to board a previous train, although it was cheaper. On the train, Khazzani has watched on YouTube a video where a person calls upon Muslim believers to grab their weapons and fight in the name of Prophet Mohammed”, declared prosecutor Molins in the conference.

A few days ago, the young man from Marocco was neutralized on the train by three US citizens and a British, while he got out of a train compartment with a weapon in his hand.

The three Americans and the British, who managed to avoid the terrorist attack on the train, were given the highest honors by the President of France.

François Hollande handed the “Legion of Honor” medal to the US nationals Spencer Stone, Alec Scarlatos, Anthony Sadler and the British Chris Norman, during a ceremony in the presidential palace. /ibna/