Freedom House: Kosovo has a half authoritarian regime

Freedom House: Kosovo has a half authoritarian regime

Pristina, 23 June 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

In the report published by the independent American organization Freedom House, even this year, Kosovo remains among the half consolidated authoritarian countries.

The general assessment on Kosovo has not changed from last year, but the country has seen a drop in terms of the independence of the justice system.

The report states that “control and balance of institutions elected in a democratic way is weak and inefficient and the fight against corruption and organized crime is lacking a clear political will”.

Meanwhile, independence of media has seen progress, thanks to the increase in the number of independent media and investigative journalism in electronic media.

“However, media in the country continues to suffer from problems suffered in the majority of countries in the region such as public radio television supporting the government, auto censorship caused by editorial pressure exerted by political leaders and owners and harassment or attacks against journalists which often go unpunished”, the report says.

Democracy in the Balkan countries continues to be fragile and in some cases, it has seen a drop according to Freedom House report “Countries in Transition”, published today.

Freedom house is an independent organization which monitors expansion of freedom in the world. /ibna/