Free movement agreement between Kosovo and Serbia comes into effect

Free movement agreement between Kosovo and Serbia comes into effect

Pristina, 12 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The free movement agreement between Kosovo and Serbia came into effect at midnight.

The application of the agreement was confirmed by Rrahim Pacolli, head of the General Assembly of the Kosovo Bureau of Insurance and the head of the Kosovo delegation for insurance in the Brussels talks.

He said that this agreement removes all charges for cars, thus recognizing insurance policies.

The agreement for the recognition of motor insurance policies between Kosovo and Serbia was reached on 23 June in Brussels.

Kosovo nationals can now enter Serbia with a TPL plus insurance policy, which is also used in other neighboring countries.

This insurance policy will cost 40 euros a year.

Pacolli says that through this policy, Serbia has also recognized the independence of Kosovo, as this policy is issued by the Republic of Kosovo.

Before this agreement, Kosovo drivers had to purchase a monthly insurance policy which had a cost of 105 euros.

Meanwhile, Serb citizens who entered Kosovo paid a weekly insurance policy of 20 euros or 80 euros a month.

Rrahim Pacolli says that the application of this agreement will facilitate movement especially for Albanians from Presevo, Bijanovc and Medvegja, who had to pay this kind of amount even if they stayed 24 hours in Kosovo. /ibna/