Free health healthcare, an important step is taken to help uninsured people

Free health healthcare, an important step is taken to help uninsured people

Tirana, 28 January 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

Ministry of Health has taken an important step in offering free healthcare services in Albania. The end of this month will see the start of the application of the new bill “On obligatory health insurance in the Republic of Albania”.

Based on this new bill, health checkups at the family GP will be free for uninsured people too. According to this ministry, this new opportunity will benefit around 600 thousand uninsured people, enabling free health checkups at the family GP for whoever lives in Albania.

Also, under this bill, uninsured persons will also be able to be checked up at the specialist doctor for a fee of 100 ALL, according to the recommendation of the family GP.

The free health service that uninsured patients will receive under the new bill, is clearly another step in meeting one of the most important promises of the Program of the Alliance for a European Albania.

The National Health Service will be the only institution which will pay the health care service, making sure that nobody faces financial obstacles, in obtaining the healthcare service, regardless of gender, age, geographic location or culture.

Free healthcare in Albania was one of the most famous and most controversial promises of socialist prime minister, Edi Rama, when he won the general elections in 2013. This has constantly been attacked by the right wing opposition, which has accused the left wing government of lying. The opposition has also attacked the minister of Health, Ilir Beqja for numerous corruption affairs, but they have been rejected by him. /ibna/