Francis Fannon: “We regard the Eastern Mediterranean as a region without restrictions”

Francis Fannon: “We regard the Eastern Mediterranean as a region without restrictions”
  1. Greece, following Jordan and Lebanon, is the US Undersecretary of Energy Francis Fannon’s last stop in his tour in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

In this context, he met today with the Greek Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostis Hatzidakis.

“This is my second time here, and I believe it underlines the crucial role of our bilateral relationship but also Greece’s growing role as an energy hub for the region. I am very excited to have these discussions. Greece is commendable in its efforts to diversify its energy mix, to have different energy sources, to increase its energy security, and to become a crossroad for markets in all directions. We are very happy about that and we have a deep partnership that can only grow”, Francis Fannon stated.

Addressing, in particular, the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean region, the US diplomat noted that “we regard the region as an inclusive area. We are very pleased to see that all countries were represented in Cairo; and we will continue to support an open, transparent and efficient energy market. I am very pleased that the US companies are here and have a growing presence in the region as well as in Greece. We are confident that, provided that a level playing field and transparency are kept, the US companies will be at the top of the selection process. We have the best technology, the best standards for the environment as well as for health and safety, and we also show the highest levels of innovation in the world. I believe that many US companies can benefit  Greece, as well as contribute to the region’s environment, energy and political stability”, while stressing that “we support a peaceful and stable region in the SE Mediterranean and discourage any provocative activity that derives from any direction”.

“I would like to say that, since we have also discussed all the energy projects under way in Greece, I have assured Mr. Francis Fannon that in September the Government will submit to the Parliament the ExxonMobil and Total contracts in order to be ratified, so that our desire for close cooperation in the field of energy can indeed be proven, but also so that significant investments in our country can be attracted”, Kostis Hatzidakis commented.

On Wednesday, the US official is expected to attend the first Energy Ministerial Conference in Athens with the participation of Greece, Cyprus, Israel and the US. /ibna