Four-year-old Annie found tragic death at the hands of her father

Four-year-old Annie found tragic death at the hands of her father

Athens, May 06, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Shock has caused to the Greek society the death of four-year Annie from Bulgaria at the hands of her father. The little girl whose disappearance had been declared on April 24 by her parents, was murdered by her 27-year old father, a national of Bulgaria, according to the Greek Police (ELAS).

A friend of the couple told the police: “The father of the 4-year old told me that when she recovered from drug use, she found his daughter dead. When he saw the lifeless body on the floor, he began slicing it into several pieces and then told me that he boiled the pieces of the child. Then, on different occasions, he threw the pieces into rubbish bins near his home. He told me that lately he used to hit the child often. He later informed his wife and they both agreed to say she disappeared”.

The case was solved by the Attica Police by combining facts obtained both from the testimony of a person from the close environment of the 27-year old perpetrator and from genetic material that was found, as well as a series of other indications that leave no doubt to the competent officers for the fate of the unfortunate girl.

The case began to be investigated by the police after the disappearance statement made by the 25-year old girl’s mother, also a national of Bulgaria, who initially claimed that the girl had been  kidnapped by a woman she knew, but then changed her story.

The officers assigned to the case, during the preliminary investigation, had arrested the 27-year old father, who is a drug user, but he did not confessed, and due to the lack of evidence, let him go free.

Horrific details of the murder

“Not even a bone will be found! So atrocious and horrific is the way he disposed of the child’s body… “, said Tuesday the police, during the official briefing on the case of murder of Annie by her 27-year old Bulgarian father.

“From the time they committed the crime, but also by the way he disposed of the body of the adolescent, it is estimated it is impossible to find it”, said the head of Attica Police, brigadier Christos Papazafiris.

The perpetrator confessed and described in detail the actions that have shocked the Greek society, he said.

However, it remains unclear the way the child was murdered. The 27 year old – in order to be accused only of defilement of the dead and not manslaughter – claims that he didn’t kill her, but that he found her dead in his bed and panicked, so he orchestrated and implemented the following macabre steps.

According to the Police, between April 8 and 9 up to Easter Sunday (12/4), “Savas” began to dispose of the body of the little girl in a particularly heinous way “unprecedented not only in Greece, but also abroad”.

During several hours of interrogation, the offender admitted only that he cut the corpse into pieces. Then he boiled and scattered it in garbage bins in Attica, where, according to the officers of ELAS – there was no way to indentify it as a human body.

As they say, on the windows of the underground house on Michail Voda 73 in the center of Athens, the perpetrator had put up towels, in order to cover up water vapors while boiling the four-Annie!

In the prisons of Corfu will eventually be transferred the 27-year old child killer. Initially, the prosecutor wanted him to go to the prison of Trikala, however after consulting with the Ministry of Justice the accused will be moved to Corfu where they have already prepared a cell to hold him on his own and has no contact with other prisoners for security reasons.

The transfer is expected to take place on Wednesday and until then will be held at police headquarters.

Earlier, on Tuesday morning, the 27-year old and his wife, during their transport to the investigating judge, received the wrath of the people who were at that time at the courts, who shouted insults and cursed them.

The wife of the 27-years old was given a deadline to state her case and will be held at police headquarters until Thursday.

The advocate of the 27-year old resigned in previous days because of the contradictions that arose during the preliminary deposition of the accused and the police.