Forensic scientists gather in Split

Forensic scientists gather in Split


By Natasa Radic – Split

A five-day central European conference ISABS on forensics held in Split, Croatia and titled – “ISABS Conference in Forensic, Anthropologic and Medical Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Translational Medicine”, brought together a respectable scientists from around the world.

The five-day work of the congress was attended by more than 550 participants and 70 speakers from 45 countries around the world, and among the speakers there were several Nobel Prize winners. Ada Yonath from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science – Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 2009, Aaron Ciechanover from Israel’s Technion (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2004)., and Robert Huber from the German Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry – Nobel Prize winner in 1988.

Split hosted ISABS’s conference for the eighth consecutive year, and this year the Scientific Committee made a number of conclusions regarding the forensic molecular genetics in the coming period. So it was decided that all States who have not done so far, urgently need to harmonize legislation, to ensure the legal framework for the exchange of DNA data in search of offenders.

ISABS accepted the concept and development of new technologies that will apply in the police work – so called “Rapid DNA technology”, which enables the police to find the offender in record of 60 minutes.

During the congress, the participants dealt with topics such as cybercrime, DNA analysis in forensic practice, and DNA identification in mass disasters.

In the clinical part, the meeting was focused on the latest developments of the regeneratovne medicine, gene therapy, and static and new molecular procedures and methodology for early detection of carcinoma.