Foreign Ministries of Greece and Turkey exchange harsh announcements on the occasion of the Pontian Genocide

Foreign Ministries of Greece and Turkey exchange harsh announcements on the occasion of the Pontian Genocide

The Foreign Ministries of Greece and Turkey exchanged announcements about the commemorative events for the Pontian Genocide.

Responding to a statement from the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the Greek Foreign Ministry noted:

“Historical truth, self-criticism and abandonment of revisionism are preconditions for good faith dialogue and the fight against the extremism of nationalism, for the reconciliation of peoples and states and for their peaceful coexistence.

This political stance was chosen by Eleftherios Venizelos when he nominated Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. And this remains an important part of the important legacy left behind by the great Greek politician, for Greek-Turkish relations and beyond.

On the contrary, Turkey chooses to once again make a relentless attempt to falsify history, ignoring that it must, like all of us, recognize the historical truth. Everyone must come to terms with their history so that events such as the genocide of Pontic Hellenism are never repeated.

The statement of the Greek Foreign Ministry was preceded by an announcement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry referring to the events in the Greek Parliament for the day of remembrance, speaking of unfounded statements and delusions on the part of the Greeks.

In fact, calling on Athens to take the hand of friendship that Ankara extends to Greece.

In particular, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “The date of 19 May 1919 when the first step of our National War of Liberation was taken is a blessed day not only for our Nation, but for all the oppressed nations who fought against imperialism.

On such a date, baseless and nonsensical statements made by the Parliament of Greece and Greek authorities under the pretext of the anniversary of 19 May 1919 can neither conciliate with historical facts nor with the values of the 21st century”.

Among other things, the Turkish Foreign Minister claims that “the Greek leadership, unable to face its own history, must remember the reports of Allied Commission of Inquiry and the facts behind the clause of the Lausanne Peace Treaty pertaining to war crimes”.

In addition, the statement refers to political and radical circles that read history upside down and concludes: “Greece, which insists on remaining indifferent to our calls to solve our bilateral problems through dialogue, taking our extended hand of friendship, as in the past, is also necessary to understand our changing world”.

Commenting on the burning of a Turkish flag in Athens yesterday, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy wrote on Twitter:

When our army took back Izmir, it did not press the Greek flag that was laid in front of it, saying that “it is the honor of a nation”. 100 years have passed since then. The racists have not yet learned their necessary lesson. No one can raise a hand on our glorious flag”.

The burning of the Turkish flag at the commemorative events held in Athens was condemned by the Greek Foreign Ministry in a statement stating: “Greece condemns in the most categorical way any action of insulting the national symbol of any country and in this case Turkey.

Similar actions are contrary to the culture and traditions of the Greek people”./ibna