Foreign Minister Hoxhaj at UNO: Serbia must respect the agreements

Foreign Minister Hoxhaj at UNO: Serbia must respect the agreements

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, August 30, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

In his speech at the UN Security Council, the Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj has demanded from Serbia to respect the agreements achieved so far and not to encourage the destabilization of the situation in the north of the country, mentioning the case of EULEX.

“The government of Kosovo strongly condemns the possible pressure against the EULEX personnel, in particular when it comes to the arrest of potential criminals in northern communes. Beyond this, we share a serious concern that Serb authorities are trying to implement other agreements reached in these talks. During this year, the Constitutional Court of Serbia has revoked the Agreement on Cadastres and that for the mutual recognition of university degrees”, said Hoxhaj.

Moreover, Hoxhaj has also mentioned the case of massive graves in Rashka, Serbia and the need to identify as soon as possible Albanian civil missing since 1999. “While I’m addressing to you, a massive grave of 350 bodies of Albanian civil of Kosovo killed during the war in Kosovo, has been discovered in Serbia”, said Hoxhaj, also mentioning the case of the petition relating to women raped during the war in Kosovo, which has never been addressed and which will be addressed to the UN Secretary General in order to demand from this organization to take the necessary steps and make justice in the country.

As far as achievements are concerned, minister Hoxhaj has mentioned the successful holding with democratic standards of the June 8 general elections by securing the participation in them for the first time of the Serbs of Kosovo throughout the entire territory of Kosovo, including the communes inhabited by Serbs in the north of the country.

“Currently, Kosovo is consolidating the new parliament. In the consolidation of new institutions, the Constitutional Court of Kosovo has been the main institution which guaranteed the democratic and constitutional foundation in order to establish legislative and executive institutions in Kosovo. In this spirit, Kosovo will soon have its new government which will be comprehensive, multi ethnic and committed to reforms”, said Hoxhaj.

According to him, on July 25 of this year, Kosovo has successfully adapted the Association and Stabilization (SAA) with the European Union. “SAA will be the first contractual agreement between Kosovo and EU and it will secure a clear framework of reforms and political engagement with the EU in its integrating process. Besides the political benefits, SAA will also open up the market of Kosovo for small and medium sized enterprises, which will generate new jobs and economic development. In its path toward EU accession, Kosovo will continue to show a high political and institutional responsibility”, declared Hoxhaj.

According to Hoxhaj, along with the consolidation of domestic institutions, Kosovo has also marked progress in its international arena. “In the past two months, Togo and Solomon Islands have recognized the independence and sovereignty of Kosovo. In June, Kosovo also adhered in three organizations, SEECP, Venice Commission and MARRI”, said Hoxhaj.

At the end of his address, the head of the Kosovar diplomacy has pointed out the need to end UNMIK presence in Kosovo due to the growing critical importance of the EU and changes in circumstances. “While the EU is obtaining a much bigger role in the region, it’s critically important that this Council considers the end of UNMIK presence in Kosovo, for as long as it’s made in the right time, it’s cost effective and in line with UN’s commitment to strengthen local strategies. We recommend to this Council to reconfigure UNMIK’s presence with the current mission of the Political Office in Kosovo, which would have a new supporting role in strengthening internal institutions for more responsibility in the engagement of Kosovo in the international community”, said Hoxhaj. /ibna/