Forbes: Albania is the 2017 cheapest destination

Forbes: Albania is the 2017 cheapest destination

The prestigious world renowned media, Forbes, has offered a positive assessment for our country in this tourist season.

According to Forbes, Albania is one of the cheapest tourist world destinations this year, which must be visited.

For Forbes, Albania offers not only a beautiful sea coast and archeological sites, but also sites of the communist regime which have turned into art attraction now. According to Forbes, these elements have turned our country into the right destination for holidaymakers.

“This forgotten corner of Europe is a wonderfully off-the-beaten-track budget destination in an otherwise very touristy and expensive continent. With fantastic beaches along its coastline, including the fishing port of Saranda, Albania gives visitors the chance to enjoy the Mediterranean waters for a fraction of the usual price,” says the magazine.

“Accommodation starts from as little as $5 per person and fishing trips or boat rides to the nearby islands are similarly well priced. There’s also some fascinating historical sites across Albania that are either free to enter or cost only $2-$5. From the mountainous medieval town of Gjirokastër to the Roman ruins at Butrint, this is a diverse and very different side of Europe, which is definitely worth visiting before the crowds do”, Forbes writes. /