FM Bushati receives his Greek counterpart: Greece must lift the War Act

FM Bushati receives his Greek counterpart: Greece must lift the War Act

Tirana, October 14, 2013

At the end of the meeting with the Greek Foreign Minister, Evangelos Venizelos, the Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati declared that this meeting discussed on issues that join the two countries and the intensification of collaboration.

The head of the Albanian diplomacy praised the projects of the Greek government to the Albanian community in Greece, by encouraging their integration.

Amongst others, he praised the role of the Albanian community in Albania, by stressing that our country respects the minorities in Albania.

“Amongst our two countries there’s a treaty of friendship and collaboration which sets the basis for the intensification of bilateral relations, far from any nationalist rhetoric which threatens friendship between the two countries. We believe that the reactivation of the mechanisms emanating from the treaty of friendship and collaboration would offer a new environment of trust between the two countries”, said Bushati.

The Albanian minister stressed that there’s a will to address issues that exist from the past, in order to open a new chapter which is oriented toward the European family.

Bushati thanked Venizellos for the support that Greece has given and continues to give to Albania in the path of EU integration.

Bushati also said that the relations between Albania and Greece must be a model of inspiration for the entire region.

On his part, the Greek Foreign Minister declared that the visit of Prime Minister Edi Rama immediately after the elections, strengthened the framework of the dynamic cooperation between the two countries.

Venizellos said that his visit takes place before the visit of the Greek President, Carolos Papulias in Albania, in order for the two countries to boost up relations. He said that Greece fully supports Albania in the path toward the European Union, by stressing that the treat of friendship and cooperation is of a significant importance.

According to him, developments in Albania coincide with the Greek EU presidency, adding that the Greek presidency will be followed by the Italian one, which means that these two countries will support the EU integration objectives of Albania.

As far as the Greek community living in Greece is concerned, the Greek minister said that he wants living standards for this community to increase, stressing that Greek minority in Albania continues to be a bridge between the two countries.

As far as sea waters are concerned, Venizellos said that international agreements must be applied. Venizellos also said that Greece has announced peace since 1987, adding that since 1986, whoever has any claims about Greek legislation, is entitled to take them to the Court of Strasbourg. /ibna/