First Cabinet meeting under Kyriakos Mitsotakis

First Cabinet meeting under Kyriakos Mitsotakis

The new model of governance and the 12 key priorities of government planning were expanded on by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, at the first formal sitting of the Council of Ministers, while he drew their attention to their general behaviour as an indication of a new style and ethos of authority.

Meetings of substance rather than of impressions and communication

Starting his speech, which for the first and last time happened with the full composition of the Cabinet and with a live broadcast, he said that the next meetings will be held with the ministers only at Maximos Mansion, because the executive functions must be separated from the legislative functions and without live broadcasting, as they will be meetings for the coordination of the government’s work and for the actions that will be developed, and not to make an impression. He noted that only the ministers will be involved and added that the responsibilities of ministers and deputy ministers will have been established.

He thanked the citizens because, as he said, “we won the battle of ideas, we asked for a strong mandate and our citizens gave it generously… We are called on to win a difficult and asymmetrical battle, the change of the government model… I am sure we will succeed, we are already organizing actions that others needed months to do. We have the plan and the appropriate staff to implement it.”

He referred to the composition of the government by saying that there are “politicians and technocrats in a creative combination”. He thanked those who left their careers in Greece and abroad in order to contribute to the joint effort.

“We have clear priorities and a timetable for their implementation,” he told his ministers and deputy ministers, adding that “Today you will receive a folder with the priorities of each ministry and the outstanding issues of the previous government.” At the same time, he said that they will receive a form in order to submit any proposals and thoughts on the programme statements. He noted that the electronic system for the monitoring of the government work per ministry and the connection with the secretariat of the government will help this process.”

A different style and ethos of authority

His ambition, says the Prime Minister, is to make the government work as a well-tuned machine with goals and timetables, and the first person to be evaluated will be me.

The prime minister said there is no time to lose: “On the 17th we are being sworn in Parliament, on the 18th the House will vote Kostas Tasoulas as president. On 20-22nd we will have the government’s programme statements and on the 22nd the government will receive the confidence of the House.”

He also noted that “we have achieved the main goal of a stand-alone government in order to implement our programme. This does not mean that we will not seek broader consents wherever possible. The era of unnecessary division ended on 7 July.”

The next day, after the government’s programme statements, said Mitsotakis, the first draft bill for the government’s plan and then the tax plan with tax reductions will be tabled. At the same time, he said that the prestige and calmness of Justice will be restored with the appointment of a new leadership with respect to the hierarchy of the justice system.

All this, he said, marks our utmost operational readiness, we know what we want and how to achieve it. He also referred to the morals and style of the government:

-The good intentions and the words are not enough; society expects works and actions; we work for all of us. We reduce by one third the secretariats and establish rules of conduct for the cooperation between us.

– There is not a day to lose. We do not stop at the vote of a law, we follow its implementation in order to fix any failures. The information monitoring system helps us.

-We do not do politics only with actions, but also with our behaviour, we are judged by what we broadcast, and not just with statements, we are a new example of political morality.

The 12 priorities

Mr. Mitsotakis said there will be an annual strategic plan for each ministry and has set the 12 key priorities:

-Strong growth with investments

– Value in real estate

-Safety at the home, in the towns, and in the country.

-Social cohesion and solidarity

-Training that unlocks potential. He noted that tomorrow he will visit the Ministry of Education in order to discuss the plan for the future of education.

-Quality public healthcare

-A new social contract between state, workers and businesses. He noted that they will not accept any deviation from labour law

-Higher disposable income for workers and the middle class

-Environmental protection

-State-of-the-art digital state

-New model for culture and civilisation

-A strong Greece in a changing world. In this context he mentioned his communication with the President of the United States

In conclusion, he said: “The people have trusted in us with boldness and maturity, with the same boldness we are called on to govern, and we hope we meet the same maturity from the opposition… The people are waiting from us to roll up our sleeves, to love our duty… we will not become just another government but a different government. Greeks deserve better and we can do better. Good work and good luck to everyone”./ibna