Former Finance Minister will stand on trial

Former Finance Minister will stand on trial


By Christos T. Panagopoulos

Former Finance Minister, Giorgos Papakonstantinou, will be prosecuted in trial for three charges, two of them at felony level and one at misdemeanor level, about the case of the Lagarde List, according to the Greek Parliament’s vote results, which were announced earlier on Tuesday.

In specific, Mr. Papakonstantinou faces the charges of distortion (art. 242 & 1-2-3 Penal Code) at felony level, dishonesty during service time (art. 256 Penal Code) at felony level and breach of duty (art. 259 Penal Code) at misdemeanour level.

For the charge of dishonesty during service time:
206 deputies voted for it, 42 against it and 18 abstained the vote.

For the charge of breach of duty:
220 deputies voted for it, 35 against it and 11 abstained the vote.

For the charge of document distortion:
166 deputies voted for it, 34 against it and 67 abstained the vote.

The Judicial Council will judge whether these three charges are valid or not and in the next days a plenary session of the Parliament will take place, in order to decide the Judicial Council’s composition, sitting with five judges, which will be based upon the catalog that both the Council of State and the Supreme Court have already sent to the National Assembly.

“I deny all charges”

During his speech, earlier on Monday evening, Giorgos Papakonstantinou, insisted that the indictment, by which was charged, is not genuine and that decisions against him were pre-judged.

“I absolutely and vehemently deny all charges. Neither have I ever gained even the small benefit, nor did I harm the Greek State”, stated Former Minister of Finance.

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