Finally some changes!

Finally some changes!

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By Frrok Çupi

They had said that nothing would change again, that we would be stuck with the same government, with the same ambassadors, with the same EU and with the same arrogance.

But today we saw something else happen, something which may have been set in motion after the new president came in office in the USA in January 2017. Whatever happened here, was a result of what happened there. Even Donald Trump’s victory was read in two different ways: 1) “He will not be long in office”, something which was also inspired by officials and ambassadors of the old US administration and the other 2) “Let’s do whatever we can before time runs out…”.

Both of them aggravated the situation in our country. It went to prove that the axes were set in motion. This is where conservatives and liberals clashed, supporters of Trump and Brexit with supporters of anti-Trump and anti-Brexit; Soros’ strategy to turn Albania like Colombia and naïve efforts to make it look like something incidental.

A revolt of the most northern and forgotten city in the country, “awoke” everyone.


The government felt fear.

The Prime Minister of the country, a tall man who was born among the dictatorship’s elite, had manifested all of his skills to show that he could trample down all of those who would stand on his way and the entire people if needed. He gathered around him “rabbits” who dared to bite lions believing that the PM would protect them. This government is inhumane and it has lost all credibility among people. A government which does not fear anything, may do us a lot of harm at a given moment. So far, it has misused funds coming from the taxes that people pay through their hard work; it has stolen and embezzled to such extent that the wealth of a minister could be measured to George Soros’; it has spread crime; it has destroyed the state; it has applied the strategy for the cultivation and the traffic of drugs the same way it was applied in the past with corn and wheat…

11 highlanders from Kukes who were imprisoned because they contested the government’s taxes, defied fear. After two days of protests with 30 participants, the Prime Minister was forced to withdraw from his “gigantic” decision to enslave Kukes and Kosovo. Now, the government which felt no fear, is trembling. Will it revoke the taxes?! No! Will it abuse as often as it’s given the chance? Yes, of course.

Nevertheless, we saw how the government felt intimidated by 11 imprisoned highlanders.


US ambassador Lu’s sin was discovered.

The US State Department will soon launch an investigation on George Soros and Donald Lu for using American taxpayers’ money to cement the leftist government in Albania. This means that Lu and Soros are the masterminds of the project for the spreading of drugs in the country. Lu said that “the elections would be recognized even if the opposition did not participate in them” (something that no American has accepted). We find out that the ambassador, on behalf of the US president Donald Trump, was working against him.

Tomorrow, Lu’s conviction in America could lead to an investigation on Albanian government officials along with the Prime Minister himself.


The revolt of the citizens was mined by the opposition.

Although what we saw happening today was a negative thing, it showed that things were set in motion. The opposition called for a protest which it called “civil disobedience”. It looked like they were calling on farmers to take to the streets and throw out excess milk. In three or four national roads, road circulation was blocked because militants obeyed the opposition’s calls. “Conservative” opposition used socialist instruments to slow down the speed of the nation instead of doing the opposite.

But by doing this, the opposition undermined the authority of the revolt of the citizens of Kukes by reflecting it as an amorphous street movement and it removed the real meaning of the revolt of Kukes, which aimed at protecting the nation from Turkey and Russia and not only from taxes.

The opposition served the government with the same instruments in order to keep the government longer in power. The opposition does not follow static policies in parliament. Instead, it is engaged in civic action on the streets. The opposition also acts like clock pendulum for the government in the very sense of existence: If Mr. Lu travels to America to undergo a probe on Soros’ funding from USAID, then Rama is connected to him. But, if the Prime Minister is put under investigation, the same thing will also be done by the opposition leader, Basha. America wants him because of the scandal with the Russian funds.

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