Fifty migrants rescued in the sea area of ​​Lesvos

Fifty migrants rescued in the sea area of ​​Lesvos


Review Hari Stefanatos

The greek coast guard identified 20 people in the sea area north of Cape Koraka, aboard an inflatable boat, which appeared to be taking in water.

30 other irregular migrants who were aboard a plastic dinghy were found this morning in the sea area of Tsonia.

In both cases the migrants were transferred to the port of Mytilene.

With the fence on the land border between Greece and Turkey in the Evros River becoming operational, the immigrant traffickers have turned to sea routes from the coast of Turkey to the Greek islands. The influx from the land border has been reduced by 96%.

In 2013, according to official figures released by the greek police (ELAS), 1109 illegal immigrants arrested in Evros, while in 2012 they had captured 30,433.

(Source: Nooz)