Fierce combat is expected right from the beginning in Parliament

Fierce combat is expected right from the beginning in Parliament

With three bills on investment facilitation, the abolition of the electoral system of proportional representation, the voting rights of Greeks abroad and the second part of the tax bill, the Mitsotakis government will “break into” the parliament after a few days of summer vacations.

It should be expected that the debate on these bills will not proceed without tensions, as the SYRIZA opposition has already hinted its stance. Particularly, regarding the electoral system established by the Tsipras government, the political confrontation will reach its vertex.

In addition, this bill will be the second “crash test” on the likelihood of a ND- KINAL converging. With KINAL’s president already tabling his proposal for a new enhanced proportional system (20-seat electoral bonus if the first party exceeds 25% and one seat for every additional 1% up to 35 seats), it remains to be seen whether the prime minister will adopt it.

The first attempt was made with the matter of the university asylum, with New Democracy rejecting KINAL’s proposal, a decision which led to only 158 of the congressmen voting in favor of this provision.

After that will follow the constitutional review, the designation of the leadership of justice, the budget implementation and the medium-term issue, and of course the crucial issue of primary surpluses; which most definitely will be considered a top priority for Mitsotakis in his meetings in Berlin, Paris and The Hague with Merkel, Macron and Rouette accordingly.

The appearance in Thessaloniki and the road to the conference on SYRIZA’s agenda

On SYRIZA’s corner the alarm is ringing regarding the risk of not achieving the goals of the 2020 budget plan, while laying the groundwork for the party’s next day and its program speech.

Al. Tsipras is also expected to hold meetings abroad, as he seeks for his international role to be strengthened. In this context, he will reportedly serve as an observer on the the European Socialist Party’s operations.

The political secretariat of the party will meet either on Friday or early next week, in order for the party’s presence at the Thessaloniki International Fair to be discussed, with Al. Tsipras, for the first time in four years, making an appearance as the leader of the opposition.

A key topic of discussion, however, will be SYRIZA’s progress towards its evolution conference, with the Central Committee deciding on the roadmap at the end of September./ibna