Fewer asylum seekers from Albania

Fewer asylum seekers from Albania

The number of Albanian asylum seekers who are seeking asylum in the EU member countries has dropped. This was confirmed by the head of the German Center for Information and Migration, Education and Career (DIMAK), Florenc Qosja.

“Albania is no longer in the top 10 countries of the region with the biggest numbers of asylum seekers. Since the end of 2016, there’s a significant fall in the number of applications”, he declared.

On the other hand, he added that from January of this year, the number of people who have been repatriated from EU member countries is 4519.

“In 2015, we had a high number of asylum seekers, while in 2016, there was a fall in the number of applications for Albanians who sought asylum in the EU member countries”, Qosja says.

Let us recall that according to a recent study of Eurostat, the European Institute of Statistics, Albania continues to have the highest numbers of asylum seekers in the EU countries.

However, in contrast to last year, there number of asylum seekers has fallen by 1 thousand. /balkaneu.com/