Feule: Boycott is not the right path; Rama: Open for every demand made by opposition

Feule: Boycott is not the right path; Rama: Open for every demand made by opposition

Tirana, September 29, 2014/ Independent Balkan News Agency

At the conclusion of the fourth meeting of High Talks between Albania and EU, the head of the government, Edi Rama and EU Enlargement Commissioner, Stefan Feule delivered a news conference.

Rama thanked Mr. Feule on the support given by him to Albania. Talking about the fourth meeting of the High Level Talks between Albania and EU, Rama said that this meeting served, first of all to meet with the opposition and express the will for reforms.

“We’re determined to conduct reforms which have been missing or delayed throughout the years. In conditions when the country needs more real contributions, it’s up to us, as a majority not to allow history to be repeated. Today’s opposition must not experience what we experienced when we were in opposition. The facts speak for themselves. Opposition boycotted parliament under the pretext that it was physically violated. Not only we condemned the act of MPs, but they were also penalized by the parliament’s steering committee and the prosecution has raised charges against them. We encouraged justice to make justice, we distanced ourselves from any action that is against ethics in parliament”, said Rama.

The prime minister declared that the majority is ready as of Thursday to vote any demand of the opposition for the appointment of inquiry committees.

Feule: Boycott is not the right path

EU Enlargement Commissioner, Stefan Feule, underlined the need for constructive dialogue between the sides, comprehensive reforms and compromise.

He said that these are the most important elements, therefore they must not be forgotten in the EU integration path.

Feule expressed his engagement to work with Albania in order to make sure that reforms continue and for the accession talks to be launched.

According to him, the EU candidate status was a clear message that the progress made by Albania was valued, adding that the focus now must be on the implementation of recommendations.

As far as parliamentary boycott of the opposition is concerned, he declared that abandoning parliament and the holding of political battle on the streets is not a European way and this action doesn’t help Albania in its ambition to be integrated.

Basha: Opposition is determined for integration

At the end of the meeting with the EU Enlargement Commissioner, the head of DP, Lulzim Basha declared that he briefed Stefan Feule in relation to the political situation in the country and the reasons of the parliament boycott.

He expressed the determination of the opposition, by adding that we cannot talk of European standards when the government uses violence to shut the opposition up.

“As an opposition, we have been determined to do everything for the European progress of the country. We show this with our presence today in the high level meeting and our readiness to contribute in important processes, such as reform in justice. While we show our good will, the majority carries out unlawful acts such as the inquiry committee, which doesn’t aim at conducting the reform in the justice system, but to control the Supreme Council of Justice”, said Basha.

Basha added that the majority has obliterated parliament, expressing the will of the opposition to be part of it.

As far as the reform in the justice system is concerned, the head of the opposition said that there must be transparency and international standards in it. According to him, although the situation is gloomy due to anti constitutional actions, the opposition will continue to have a European vision. /ibna/