Farmers cut the country in three

Farmers cut the country in three

Athens, February 17, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Farmers escalate their protests, as they remain in the highway blockades and on Tuesday cut Greece in three.

Farmers of Fthiotida decided to extend until midnight the blockade of the Athens-Lamia highway at Bralos, having cut Greece in the middle.

However, earlier, in a sign of goodwill, they briefly opened an auxiliary way to allow buses and large trucks to pass.

The bulk of the movement of IX continues through provincial and rural roads, and mainly go to Amfissa, then to Delphi-Arahova and continue to Athens.

As regards lorries, they are immobilized by the police at various points either on the national or provincial network, while farmers allow buses to pass, but with long delays that exceed one hour.

In their assembly, the four blocks of the farmers of Fthiotida located in Bralo decided to harden their stance in the coming days, and even some of them speak of repeating the same scene on Wednesday.


Thirty tractors from the blockade of Nikaia moved towards the highly in symbolism for the farmer movement, Kileler, moved in the afternoon about 8 and blockaded from 4 to 6 wt the old National Larissa-Volos road at the height of the passing of the historic village.

Previously however, farmers had passed from the position of the farmer monument, thus paying tribute to Marino Antipas and the struggle of farmers and then proceeded to blocking the intersection.

The next step in the mobilisations of the farmers at the blockade of Nikaia are protests to the tax offices of the Thessalian cities.

Highway Korinthos – Athens

Indefinitely have closed the farmers the Corinth – Athens route, both the new and the old highway. As a result the traffic can be carried out by a small detour through Kalamaki, which at times creates large vehicle queues and inconvenience to drivers.

The traffic accident that had occurred in Achaia, caused huge queues at the Isthmus and in order to alleviate the situation farmers opened for a short time the old highway and then closed it again.

On the highway Tripoli – Corinth farmers will close the road to Nestani toll from 6.00 pm until midnight, while the Laconians farmers will close from 6.00 to 7.00 in the afternoon the Eurotas bridge at the entrance of Sparta.


Tempi remain closed indefinitely with farmers waiting for the return of Prime Minister A. Tsipras in Greece in order to meet him, probably Friday.

Nevertheless they are oppose to the prospect of the meeting be held with representatives of all roadblocks.

What they want is to the meeting that they will have the same as the prime minister to join representatives of the 33 roadblocks that have signed the common framework of demands, which was created by the roadblocks of Tempi and Mikrothives and notified to the Government and the leaders of other parties since last Wednesday .

On Wednesday there is the direction and roadblocks that are being set up at the provincial network of the county and relate to alternative transportation routes (Gerakari Melouna, Megalo Eleftherochori) to significantly increase the hours daily exclusion in order to further tighten the pressure on the Government.