Family evicted because of the bank loan

Family evicted because of the bank loan


By Natasa Radic – Zagreb

Family Frlan living in the family home in Zagreb suburb of Rudes was evicted for non-payment of their bank credit last week. Family Frlan has eight members. Eviction of the family has started at 6 am, and the family says they have not received any notice of eviction and announced a series of appeals to be taken. But until further notice, all eight members of the family spend their nights in the covered garage in front of the former family home. Credit has been repaid, as they say, but still the bank is selling their house on at auction, and to a buyer who has to raise a mortgage loan to buy the house.

Family Frlan is just one in a number of those who have lived quite normal, and in the near future will remain homeless due to being unable to repay the loan, warns the president of the NGO “Human Wall”, Damir Trnacic. His organization managed to postpone the Frlan family eviction in January. However, the data that are forwarded to us, are devastating.

-Last year in Croatia there were 308 evictions from family houses or apartments for which the families could not repay the loans. This means that almost every day a family is being thrown out of their home due to inability to settle the banking liabilities. We know very well why citizens are not able to pay the loans, but we also know that the right to a home in a inviolable constitutional category – explains Trnacic to us.

According to the data of the “Living wall”, currently there are 111 evicted family homes or apartments on sale in Croatia, which means that this year, a good deal of people has been made homeless. Trnacic warns that those people are just “ordinary citizens” who have no fault of their own because they lost their jobs and got into financial difficulties, and that this will turn into a problem of enormous proportions. Mostly all of the families, he tells us, have children, and thus the entire excruciating evictions carried out by the police intervention squads, are even traumatic.

-We will try to appeal to the government to do what has been done by the Spanish Government, to make a decision to stop all such evictions until the economy recovers. Regardless of whether it is legally valid decisions adopted by the bank or not, we will continue to prevent evictions, because we believe that every Croatian citizen has the right to own a home. Citizens are not to blame because they found themselves in an economic crisis – concludes Trnacic.