Failure to reach an agreement for the electoral reform causes problems for the Central Election Commission

Failure to reach an agreement for the electoral reform causes problems for the Central Election Commission

Pristina, May 17, 2013

With the date of the upcoming local government elections approaching, the Central Election Commission is focusing more and more on the preparation of these elections. Although an agreement is yet to be reached about the electoral reform, the members of the Central Election Commission say that elections must be held in autumn and that the CEC must get ready.

Although representatives of the political parties insist upon holding the elections in autumn, the fact that the electoral reform has not been completed has caused several problems.

“The changes in the new law would lead to changes in all the new rules in order to be compatible with it, but this may be examined during the next parliamentary elections”, says the representative of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Ilir Gashi.

Meanwhile, the representative of LDK says that the CEC must strengthen its mechanisms because according to him, these elections must be a challenge as this process will be held without changes taking place in the respective law.

“During these 2 or 3 years, the Central Election Commission has waited for something positive to happen in the process of the electoral reform, but given that this has not happened, I think that this will be very challenging. We may be focused on strengthening our mechanisms of monitoring of the process and we will demand from political parties to have a more serious, democratic and fair approach during the holding of the elections in Kosovo”, said the representative of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) at the CEC, Florian Dushi.

The representative of the Self Determination Movement, Alban Krasniqi says that the change in the law affects the CEC. He adds that this institution should have been ready at any moment with or without the electoral reform.

“The changes that should have taken place should have made the administration of the electoral process easier”, said Krasniqi. Krasniqi has recalled the fact that the functioning of the CEC is a constitutional obligation.

Meanwhile, representatives of the civil society during these days have urged the President of the Republic to announce the date of the elections as soon as possible. Meanwhile, president Jahjaga has completed her consulting meetings with all political subjects in Kosovo.

The mandate of the heads of communes expires in October. After the war, local government elections in Kosovo have been traditionally held in the month of November. /ibna/