Failure to extradite an MP accused of murder, head of Interpol Tirana arrested

Failure to extradite an MP accused of murder, head of Interpol Tirana arrested

IBNA Special Report

Tirana, March 31, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

General Director of Interpol Tirana has been arrested in the early hours of Tuesday on the charge of abuse in the line of duty. Artan Bajraktari (photo), was handcuffed along with Loreta Alla, chief of sector at Interpol Tirana.

“The two senior police officials are part of the General Directorate of State Police and heads of Interpol Tirana and they were arrested on the charge of “abuse in the line of duty”. Their arrest was carried out in Tirana by the Internal Control Service”, IBNA was told by the Ministry of Interior.

The warrant for Bajraktari’s and Alla’s arrest has been issued by General Attorney, Adriatik Llalla and it’s connected to “Frroku” case. They are accused of not acting after receiving information coming from Belgium in January 2015 in relation to MP Frroku.

“There are suspicions that Bajraktari, as head of Interpol and Alla, also a senior official, have not acted for the arrest and extradition of MP Mark Frroku, accused of murder carried out in 1999 in Belgium”, said an investigative source.

The two heads of Interpol are accused of not sending the request coming from “Interpol Brussels” to the Ministry of Justice for MP Frroku.

The request from Interpol Brussels for Frroku had arrived in January 2015 in Tirana, but it was held in the Interpol Tirana offices without passing it to the ministry of Justice, like the official procedure requires it.


Artan Bajraktari returns after 8 years

Until 2005, for 6 years in a row, Artan Bajraktari was head of Interpol Tirana. He was removed from this post and returned in 2013 after the left wing government came in power.

His studying and professional career is intensive. He has completed his studies at the Police Academy in Albania and was graduated at the FBI in the USA.

Bajraktari, 52 years of age, is considered an expert of the domain of fight against organized crime and a very good expert of the fight against traffic of human beings.

From 2012 until 2013, Bajraktari was head of Security at the Israeli Embassy in Tirana.

Mark Frroku, tons of problems for him

Problems never end for majority MP, Mark Frroku. A prominent businessman, Frroku, 43 years old, is officially accused of being accomplice to a murder in 1999 in Belgium, taking the life of a 24 year old Albanian man, in a prostitution affair.

Belgian authorities had sentenced him with ten years of imprisonment in absentia, but that sentence was never executed, because Frroku, who was the owner of several millionaire businesses, managed to take under control a small party, the Christian Democratic Party, mainly operating in the northern areas of Shkoder and Lezhe.

Frroku Ibna

As chairman of this party, Frroku ran for MP and won in the 2013 elections. Second on the list was his brother, Arben Frroku, who was accused of the murder of a police inspector at the end of 2012 in Tirana.

Arben Frroku, who was also accused for a murder in Belgium, ran off to Greece, where he was arrested a week later for suspected drug deals. He was extradited to Albania, where the prosecution is demanding life in prison for him.

While Arben Frroku is having real problems, his brother Mark Frroku is in trouble too.

In 2012, he wounded a person and was sentenced by the court with a fine on the charge of slight intentional injury. This sentence was not revealed to the media. But Frroku managed to run as MP although he had a criminal conviction. He submitted to the Central Election Commission a certificate issued by Albanian justice institutions, which stated that he had no criminal convictions.

This fact not only puts a question mark on the way how state institutions in Albania operate, but it also strengthens the perception that business and crime are not only linked to each other, but they also collaborate with state institutions, thus often dictating their objectives.

Belgium not satisfied with Frroku’s proceeding

Belgium’s ambassador to Albania, Anick Van Calster, comments the accusations against the Christian Democrat MP Mark Frroku.

Belgian authorities demand Frroku’s arrest, as he’s accused of being an “accomplice to a premeditated murder”.

Van Calster says that what matters is the fact that the MP is undergoing to a criminal investigation. “What’s important is the fact that Mark Frroku has been brought before justice. What matters is that the case is being handled by courts now”, said the Belgian ambassador.

The details why the General Attorney demands an authorization for MP Frroku’s arrest

The General Prosecution asks by the Albanian Parliament the authorization to “arrest” the citizen Mark Frroku, as the Belgian judicial authorities have issued an international arrest warrant, according to which he has carried out the criminal offense of premeditated murder in collaboration, provided by the Criminal Code of Belgium.

The request to the Parliament, is based on the material sent to the General Prosecutor by the National Central Bureau Interpol Tirana, with the requisition dated on 27.03.2015 and the Ministry of Justice, with the requisition dated on 28.03.2015. Following this information, the General Prosecution has registered the criminal proceedings for the offense of “premeditated murder” in collaboration.

At the request to the Parliament for the authorization, the General Prosecution of Albania suggests to the deputies of the Parliament that the General Prosecutor at the Brussels Court of Appeal has filed the accusatory pleading against the citizen Mark Frroku (alias Besnik Morina), charged with “premeditated murder” in collaboration, of the citizen Aleksander Kurti, which happened in Brussels, on 05.03.1999.
For this event, the Belgian authorities accuse 4 Albanian nationals, including the citizen Mark Frroku, currently deputy in the Parliament.

The defendants were tried in absentia and, on January 15th 2010, the Court for Serious Crimes in Brussels has sentenced each of them to 10 years in prison.
This judicial proceeding is conducted in the absence of the suspects, who were represented by their attorneys. Two of the defendants, where one of them is the citizen Mark Frroku, have appealed this decision, arguing that their attorneys have been contradictory in defending their clients, without stating clearly the rejection of the charge.

According to the criminal procedural legislation of Belgium, this reasoning presented by the two Albanian citizens is the argument to accept the appeal. The Cassation Court decision dated on 24 March 2010 has remanded the case for retrial.

Based on the appeal of the defence, the President of the Court of Appeal for Serious Crimes in Brussels, on 31 January 2014, has initially decided that the examination of this case to begin in February 2015, but a few weeks ago, the judge has decided that this process to begin in October 2015.

Based on acts that are available to the Albanian Prosecution Office, turns out that the citizen Mark Frroku and his three fellow countrymen are the persons charged with the murder of the citizen Aleksander Kurti, occurred in 1999. According to investigative materials, it turns out that this murder is as a result of collisions of groups that deal with prostitution in Brussels. /ibna/