Extreme accusations within the left wing majority in Albania

Extreme accusations within the left wing majority in Albania

IBNA Special Report

Tirana, March 2, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

In Albania, the left wing camp has been involved in strong clashes and extreme accusations, some of them even alleging murder contracted by its most senior officials.

The accusations come from one of the main socialist MPs, Tom Doshi. He pointed his finger today toward the two majority leaders, speaker of parliament, Ilir Meta and prime minister, Edi Rama, for allegedly contracting his murder and that of another MP, Mehill Fufi, who belongs to the largest opposition force, Democratic Party.

Mr. Doshi appeared in front of the media today, by accusing socialist leader Rama.

The strong accusations articulated by Mr. Doshi were followed by silence on the part of the prime minister and speaker of parliament. So far, none of them has reacted. The same thing goes for the other members of the majority, who rarely or never speak before their leader.

Even the opposition has not launched any comments in relation to this clash within the left wing.

All the accusations launched by Doshi

Tom Doshi, one of the most prominent business people in the north of the country, belonged to the Democratic Party several years ago. It’s been a decade that he belongs to the SP , representing this force in parliament. Since 2013, when the SP came in power after 8 years in opposition, Mr. Doshi expressed his discontent about the way the country was being governed. In 2014, he targeted the minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri once again, while a few days ago, he targeted the prime minister.

Mr. Doshi said that he has announced war to Mr. Rama and warned that he will win it.

According to him, everything came following ignored complaints over the lack of investments in Shkoder, his constituency, which for years was known as a stronghold of the right wing and which is now under left wing control.

Doshi said that investments should not go only for the south and that nothing has been done. “I would like to say to Edi Rama that from now on, there will be no peace between me and him and we will see who will lose from this situation. Rama is ungrateful to me and those who voted him in Shkoder and he will see the consequences in the local government elections. The war between him and me has just started and I have nothing personal”, Doshi said. According to him, “the economy is worse than during Berisha’s time and that only a small group around Rama is getting rich”.

Doshi said that that if he elaborated, then the foundations of the majority and the government will be shaken.

“When I will speak, the foundations of the government and majority will be shaken”.

In fact, Mr. Doshi spoke this afternoon, launching accusations against the two heads of the majority.

Doshi said that the speaker of parliament, Ilir Meta has ordered and paid someone to kill him and the democrat MP, Mehill Fufi. According to him, the person in question has also met with minister Tahiri.

“Rama today has a tutor called Ilir Meta, who has paid money and has ordered my murder and that of Mehill Fufi. It’s been five months that I have made this clear to Ilir, general attorney, Edi Rama, the general attorney of Serious Crimes”.

But does Doshi have evidence on these extreme accusations? He answers: “The proof is that the person who has been hired to commit this has met with minister of Interior”. Doshi added that he has registered footage for this.

Rama: Why is Tom Doshi expelled

In today’s meeting of the socialist parliamentary group, Mr. Rama spoke at length about the developments within the left wing. He commented Mr. Doshi’s declaration that he had declared him war: “Nobody should think and say this, not here, not in public, that he has declared war to the government”.

Mr. Rama also commented the accusations launched by Mr. Doshi against the minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri for nepotism. “In this group, everyone is free to express himself on any minister or senior institutional official. But nobody has the right to attack someone else’s dignity, let alone a minister of the Republic of Albania”.

Rama considered Mr. Doshi’s declarations as personal grudges. He said that “nobody can abuse with the trust of the voters to threaten the government or any minister of state official, through extreme personal demonstrations of discontent”.

Based on this, Mr. Rama demanded the group to expel Mr. Doshi from the group. “MP Tom Doshi has made it impossible for us to keep him in our parliamentary group. With his accusations, the MP’s accusations have not been launched only against me, but he has seriously attacked the dignity of this group and this government”.

“Therefore, I’m convinced that today, we must offer Tom the opportunity to relieve himself from the burden of the contract that he has with the group of the Socialist Party and prove in a legal way the verity of his unacceptable accusations against the government and our parliamentary majority”, Mr. Rama says.

Blushi: The conflict between Rama and Doshi tarnished the SP

Socialist MP, Ben Blushi, a strong opponent of the socialist leader, Edi Rama, said today that the conflict between Edi Rama and Tom Doshi tarnished the Socialist Party.

Mr. Blushi spoke after the meeting of the socialist parliamentary group.

“Unfortunately, it’s the story of two close friends, a story of a friendship which had lasted several years and which is now ruined, not for political motives, but which has seriously tarnished the Socialist Party”, Mr. Blushi said.

He added that the socialist leader has his part of responsibility. “Edi Rama should have administered this. He has his own responsibility”, Mr. Blushi notes.

Tahiri: The accusations are similar to those articulated by Berisha

Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri compares the socialist MP, Tom Doshi with the former PM, Sali Berisha.

Tahiri considers Doshi’s accusations as untrue. “The low level of accusations resemble to Berisha’s accusations. I feel sorry that representatives of the majority join this low level”, Mr. Tahiri says.

According to him, “these people want to hold the government to ransom”. “The prime minister and each of the ministers, the majority in general, is engaged in offering security to the citizens”, Mr. Tahiri underlined. /ibna/