Expenses on education go up, Institute of Statistics says

Expenses on education go up, Institute of Statistics says

Tirana, 17 September 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

Last year, an average Albanian household spent around 69 thousand and 442 thousand ALL a month on consumption. This is the conclusion of the latest survey of INSTAT (Institute of Statistics) on household budgets.

Anisa Omuri, specialists of household budgets at INSTAT, declared: “Based on the survey for 2014, average expenses have been estimated to be 69 thousand ALL for a family of 3,8 members. 31 thousand ALL go for food expenses, while 38 thousand ALL go for non food expenses”.

Most of the budget of household expenses continues to be spent on food, but compared to five years ago, the part that goes for food has fallen, while Albanians are spending more and more on education.

INSTAT general director, Gjergj Filipi explains: “Expenses for food have fallen and expenses for education and health have risen”.

The increase of expenses for education is a very important indicator. The survey shows that more educated people have better living standards.

In terms of districts, Tirana has the best living standards, where a family of 3,8 members spends on average 81 thousand and 650 ALL a month, while Elbasan is last with 53 thousand ALL a month or 35% less. /ibna/