Exhortations and spikes in political party messages for March 25

Exhortations and spikes in political party messages for March 25

Athens, March 25, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The references to contemporary reality dominate the party messages for national holiday on March 25.

“The Revolution of 1821 is not just another anniversary, a historic event of the 19th century, but a pivotal moment, a living proof of when the peoples decide to take their destinies into their own hands, to deny predestined fates, routes shown as one-way paths, states and regimes that appear as immutable and eternal, then no one, however strong might appear, cannot keep them subjugated”, SYRIZA says in its message for the anniversary of March 25.

“At a time of exacerbation of racism and xenophobia, neo-fascism and nationalism, but also at a time when neoliberal austerity is promoted as supposedly ‘the only alternative’, we cannot but remembered all this”, says SYRIZA.

And adds: “Because the struggle for freedom, democracy, dignity is always relevant. Because the European people must and can carve a different course, an antithesis to the Memoranda of misery.

“The double celebration of Christianity and of national revolution of 1821 transmits messages principles and ideals, faith lessons and national self-confidence,” says New Democracy in a statement.

“In difficult times we face, there is no time to lose, nor room for experimentation. We continue with consistency and determination the struggle for stability and security to economic recovery and social cohesion”, ND adds.

In her message for the National Day, the representative of ANEL Marina Chrysoveloni says: “Today’s double celebration fills our hearts with strength and passion for defending and maintaining our freedom. Centuries of struggles and sacrifices were required to achieve the much needed liberation”.

“The message of 1821, today that our country is being tested, is more pertinent than ever. Together we are unbeatable. We do not count the adversity and obstacles of our enemies”, she goes on.

And ends with the exhortation: “Let us maintain our traditions and fight discord by making concord, unity and brotherhood a reality. Let us lead Greece to progress and prosperity. Long live the Nation”.

“The revolution of 1821 shows that the struggle of peoples, the popular uprisings and revolutions against the outmoded social classes are the force that moves the story forward and can beat opponents who seem powerful”, is outlined in a communication of KKE for the anniversary March 25.

“Like the previous government, the current proclaims as a national objective the ensuring of the country’s participation in the imperialist EU, the recovery of the capitalist economy, ie the profitability of the Capital, asking the people to continue their sacrifices in order to continue down this road”, adds the statement of the party.

“The National Anniversary of March 25 reminds us of the need for national unity and consciousness. This objective requires respect for the truth, integral historical memory and high patriotic spirit. On the other hand, it is undermined by the demagogic lie, selective and distorted memory, the nationalist rants for internal consumption”, says the president of PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos.

“Let us dedicate this year’s anniversary in reflecting on these fundamental element”, he adds.