Ex-PM Ponta’s nomination in the Government blocked

Ex-PM Ponta’s nomination in the Government blocked

Grindeanu launches Facebook campaign against Dragnea

The current head of the Government’s Secretariat-General (SGG), Mihai Busuioc is refusing to counter-sign PM Grindeanu’s decision to relieve him of his position. Therefore, the decision cannot be published in the Official Gazette and former PM Ponta, proposed to take over this position, cannot do that.

The law stipulates that the Official Gazette works under the Executive’s authority through the Secretariat-General, which means that every regulatory document must be counter-signed by the SGG head.

Gov’t sources told local media that the current SGG chief, Mihai Busuioc has denied to sign the PM’s decision that relieved him of his position.

Political sources had disclosed on Thursday that Mihai Busuioc will be replaced by ex-PM Victor Ponta. Asked during the press conference in the evening if it’s true, PM Grindeanu urged journalists to read the Official Gazette to see what changes are at SGG, only that the documents haven’t been issued by now.

Busuioc’s appointment as SGG head was the first decision taken by PM Grindeanu when he took over his mandate on January 4, 2017. Busuioc was deputy secretary general at the Ministry for Regional Development and Public Administration during Liviu Dragnea’s mandate.

Mihai Busuioc was sacked from the helm of the National Agency of Land Register by former PM Ponta in May 2012, after the Gov’t control body tracked down irregularities at the Trade Register agency on a project through which the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development had lent Romania over EUR 47 M. Mihai Busuioc was among the responsible persons for this project.

Grindeanu, Ponta, on Facebook campaign: #dragneademisiahashtag

Meanwhile, PM Grindeanu launched a campaign on Facebook, asking for Liviu Dragnea’s resignation.

„#dragneademisia/dragnearesignation”, the premier posted on Facebook on Friday. The message is posted on a black background, accompanied by a hashtag#, also used by anti-grift protests in winter.

Soon after the premier posted the message, former PM Victor Ponta has shared the photo, without any further comment./IBNA

Source: romaniajournal.ro