Everyone is moving in a void

Everyone is moving in a void

By Frrok Çupi

Had they not moved these days, in the coming days, it would be pointless. Everyone knows that it’s pointless, but everyone decided to do these movements… Who is thinking about tomorrow? There is no “tomorrow”, given that today, space is empty. The “cosmonauts” of the state, mob and politics clashed with each other due to the void in the “ship”.

The circles of clashes based on categories:

Those who brought 613 kg of cocaine in Durres, did not clash in the coast of Durres. They knew that there is nobody and that it is empty. In other words, they thought that they would be met by “their own people”. A foreign GPS had followed them from Colombia until they landed in a village of Maminas. Those who were in possession of the cocaine, were nothing. Someone else knows the European space where drugs would be transported; someone else knows the laboratories where drug is produced in Albania; someone else knows the crime bosses. The minister says that the foreigners were the ones to catch the load, the Prime Minister says that we caught it on our own. Who cares who caught them? Futile attempts. During the entire summer, fall and winter, the fight against cannabis was an empty move: Cannabis was “nothing”, cocaine was being produced here, it was coming from other countries of the world and it was being distributed in the world. Every road is empty, for as long as superpowers cannot defeat the mob of a small and forgotten country like ours.

EU emissaries come and go like drunkards. President Juncker arrived in Tirana and because he had nothing substantial to say, he said an empty phrase: “I’m hungry, I want to eat”. When he left, he declared that “Albanians have not understood me… The EU has got nothing ready for enlargement”. In the news conference, when reporters heard him say “I’m hungry”, they asked him whether he had anything to say on the issue of drugs. But, he didn’t “listen” to them.

The European Union is moving inside a void. It doesn’t now and it cannot know what will happen tomorrow. Neither the European Parliament, nor the European Commission cannot be what they are today tomorrow. Tired of the “traumatic” bureaucracy of EU institutions, European countries are starting to disobey the EU “laws” one by one. According to western media and predictions on the elections, Italy is getting ready to say “farewell” to the EU on Sunday, 4 March. On Sunday, Italy will vote a euro skeptic government, which is against massive emigration. Italy has a great potential to spread a powerful Brexit type wave all over Europe. Hungary is on the verge of elections and on the verge of the second victory of a euro skeptic government. Poland too. Slovakia and the Czech Republic have built the scheme of national sovereignty without the EU. In Lithuania, the elections are expected to produce a government “without the EU”. Then why is the EU coming here? For no reason. The make empty promises, they make idle threats and say that “they’re hungry”.

Leaders of Balkan countries are trying to change the space of this void. Almost everyone created a serious situation in the amplitude between organized crime and poverty. (I don’t think Juncker used “hunger” as allegory, because then, he would be considered a wise man). Albania has been targeted as a country which produces and smuggles drugs, starting with cannabis and ending up with cocaine. Kosovo has been “labeled” as a state of corruption and state crime. Macedonia has fed its people with ghosts of heroes and non-existent “republics”. The Prime Minister declares that he has Albanian roots, when he has nothing better to do. Even he doesn’t know whether he’s an Albanian or a Slav. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the flames of division are being fueled, because they are unable to solve the problems of a “big state”.

An empty space is a space where a man is unable to live. Then, governments propose “divisions of territories”, “border changes”, “repeal of the Special Court”; they offer people a monster state with “one president in two states  with two constitutions”; a Slav says that he’s Albanian; a hero of the Greek antiquity (Alexander the Great) is borrowed by Skopje and is then allowed to travel to Athens after 2500 years of being there…

Everyone is moving in an empty space. Everything is being done to distract people: “Hey, forget what you have in your life and look here… See how borders, presidents, crimes and heroes fly…”.

If people are distracted by moves in an empty space ,then…


Leaders can move from empty space no. 2 to empty space no.1 and still be accepted. Meaning, from a virtual space with heroes belonging to the B.C era, with exchanges of territories, with border changes, with alien presidents–toward a space closer to the man who has nothing to live on. (The space closer to man is space no. 1). If this is accepted, then leaders will forever and ever do whatever they want with people.


A cliché of irreplaceable governments may be born. Who will replace the ones in Kosovo? What about the ones in Tirana? Montenegro? The chains of accepting evil bond together not only majorities, but oppositions too. It may come to a point where ruling classes may ask us directly: “Do you want border changes or bread?” Then, we would all fight in this emptiness.

This would mark the end…

Note: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Albanian Free Press’ editorial policy